Thursday, June 30, 2005

Is this our Karwar!?

I saw this picture in the web and I can't resist asking the question: Is this a picture of Karwar? These are the pictures that is coming to my mind when I think about was like this only everywhere......yes, without those snow/ice covered hills:-)


When I think of rain, I am getting two contrasting pictures - Bellary and Karwar. Beechi has a famous joke about Bellary: Which are the two seasons in Bellary? "Basige matthu ati Besige":-) So, no rainy season!! But, Karwar is just the opposite! They get rain for almost 4 months! I was prachark in both these places!! Initially we got so much rain.......! Just one days rain flooded all the roads of Bangalore and traffic jam everywhere! I was very much worried about this rainy season.......... But, the actual rainy season hasn't yet started. Usually our rainy season starts by the end of May. Today is the last day of June.....still no sign of rain. Everyday it is cloudy, whether has become cold.....still no rain! Today it looks like we might get rain. Rain or No Rain......though it makes no much difference to Bangalore.....still we ask for rain......I don't know why! Is it not enough if it rains in villages and river basins and cachement areas!? No I can't think of any good reason other than filling up some tanks in Bangalore, clogging our drainage, filling all the potholes, creating traffic jams.....! Still I am praying the rain god to send rain to BANGALORE:-)

Friday, June 24, 2005

Restarted blogging!

Today, I faced problems while trying to get back into my previous blog! I have my regular id ssnkumar, that I have been using all these years..... But, I think when I created that blog, I forgot to select a template. So, today, When I tried to change the template, it is not allowing me!! And I tried all the possible ways and finally I am here, creating a new blog.