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Online donations fraud by AAP


Aam Aadmi Party has been claiming to be extremely transparent in terms of the donations. However a closer random scrutiny of the receipts by us has thrown up shocking incidents of receipts with same voucher number being issued to multiple donors. This is an absolute case of fraud because under Indian Law, one cannot issue Multiple Donation Receipts with the same Receipt number. Anyone can verify this themselves by visiting AAP donation list page and searching for any one of the receipt numbers mentioned at the end of this post.
What has come to our notice is perhaps the tip of the iceberg since we did a random scrutiny of transaction receipts of merely one day where we found more than 18 instances of multiple receipts with same receipt numbers being issued. The real quantum of this fraudulent activity might essentially be in thousands since there are several hundred thousand donors and the money involved might be in crores. This kind of fraud is nothing less than a case of Hawala.
Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, the president of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena has filed complaints to the Commissioner of Delhi police and the election commission. The download link to the complaint copies is provided below.
After the complaint was filed against AAP, they removed the word Receipt number from their website and just kept Transaction ID. Now they can say that there is no thing such as receipt number in thier donations. This change made by them confirms that there is certain intentional fraud in AAP donations.image
Also, there are other types of frauds in AAP online donations. This involves providing a fake passport number and donating online from foriegn countries. As pointed by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, as an example, two foreigners from Barmuda and Cayman Islands — Anil K Chhomatil and Bharat Singh — who have contributed money without even possessing an Indian passport. Referring to one US citizen Ramesh Narayanswamy, whose donation of `500 was accepted despite bogus details of his passport, Swamy said that the party has not maintained transparency on its part and is trying to present a clean image in the public domain.
There can be many more such cases because the online donation system of AAM party cannot verify the authenticity of the passport details provided by the AAPtards donor in real time. The donations went through even after providing a dummy passport number.  Also there was no action taken later.
List of duplicate receipt number transactions:
48286 CCA13FAAK887 Harish Kumar Sharma IN HR 2013-06-21 11:25:04
48471 CCA13FAAK887 Tushar Shah IN MH 2013-06-21 18:44:16
48700 CCA13FAAL285 Yashdeep Godhal IN KA 2013-06-22 19:54:32
48961 CCA13FAAL285 Pawan Kumar Singh IN UP 2013-06-23 20:02:39
49367 CCA13FAAL729 Kaushik Chatterjee IN WB 2013-06-24 13:16:23
50392 CCA13FAAL729 suresh shrivastav IN DL 2013-06-27 13:20:32
49582 CCA13FAAL919 Dhiren Mehta IN MH 2013-06-24 21:25:28
51410 CCA13FAAL919 Saurabh Chatterjee IN UP 2013-06-29 09:26:49
52148 CCA13GAAO150 Ankur Jain IN MH 2013-07-01 13:09:54
60250 CCA13GAAO150 Arvind Dewan IN DL 2013-07-14 19:05:38
52289 CCA13GAAO327 Varaprasad Reddy Jeeru IN AP 2013-07-01 19:57:08
60766 CCA13GAAO327 Samir Bains IN UP 2013-07-16 11:19:52
52376 CCA13GAAO388 Deepak Jain IN HR 2013-07-01 23:34:15
61171 CCA13GAAO388 Vinod Singh IN HR 2013-07-16 19:23:35
52696 CCA13GAAO612 Deep Sati IN HR 2013-07-02 14:28:56
61854 CCA13GAAO612 R Ramanathan IN HR 2013-07-18 18:10:58
52875 CCA13GAAO806 HITESH KUMAR NIGAM IN DL 2013-07-02 23:48:47
62248 CCA13GAAO806 Sampath Kuve IN KA 2013-07-20 09:19:50
52956 CCA13GAAO867 S. Sreenivasa Prasad IN AP 2013-07-03 10:32:16
62777 CCA13GAAO867 Gagan Agarwal IN UP 2013-07-20 15:46:15
53919 CCA13GAAP870 Tarun Gupta IN MP 2013-07-05 10:52:08
64784 CCA13GAAP870 Sekhar Sukumar IN KA 2013-07-27 17:08:15
54204 CCA13GAAQ263 Amit Kapoor IN KA 2013-07-05 20:54:19
65069 CCA13GAAQ263 Krushna Charcha IN KA 2013-07-29 22:48:29
54351 CCA13GAAQ353 MANISH PATEL IN MH 2013-07-06 10:39:04
65199 CCA13GAAQ353 Sachin Sharma IN DL 2013-07-30 16:40:59
54390 CCA13GAAQ380 Praveen Awasthi IN UP 2013-07-06 12:08:03
65241 CCA13GAAQ380 Sanjiv Gupta IN DL 2013-07-30 19:33:51
54515 CCA13GAAQ552 Aman bajaj IN MH 2013-07-06 21:39:39
65472 CCA13GAAQ552 Gaurav Aggarwal IN PB 2013-07-31 23:09:37
59426 CCA13GAOD720 Dr Rajiv Sikroria IN UP 2013-07-11 16:36:21
59705 CCA13GAOD720 Devender kumar IN HR 2013-07-12 11:26:09
88562 CCAAI1ACR554 B. M. MEHTA IN AP 2013-09-18 16:25:29
96490 CCAAI1ACR554 Rohit Gupta IN DL 2013-09-29 11:58:13

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Arvind Kejriwal vs Narendra Modi: The magic of media propaganda


Why are we not hearing anything about what Narendra Modi has done?
·     Anti-corruption helpline: Kejriwal said he will launch a helpline to report officials who demand bribe. Media went gaga over it. Gujarat has such a helpline (24x7) since June 2013: 1800 233 44444. The government publicized it well through TV, print ads, short films and Navaratri stalls. Just like Kejriwal, the government had encouraged people to trap officials who demand bribes - there were 8 successful traps within 3 months of launching. But the coverage received in the national media is negligible.
·    People’s involvement: Some days back, someone made a post here saying that AAP should create a website to seek ideas from people. Guess what. Gujarat has this since years: Share ideas with Government. People can post ideas and comment on ideas posted by others. Gujarat also has ‘Swagat, the Chief Minister’s Online Grievance Redressal System since long time back. You can also contact any state department for any other purpose online. With Aapnu Taluko Vibrant Taluko (ATVT), every taluka can prepare its own development plan (much like Kejriwal’s idea of constituency-specific issues except that this has been in-place before AAP was born).
·    Surprise visits: Modi has been doing these since he became CM (example). But the national media is more obsessed with talking about why his blog post concerning the riots is not genuine.
·     VAT simplification: This is on every newspaper’s front page. Good to see that the traders of Delhi can now have something that the traders of Gujarat have since 2011. It’s so funny to see #ApingAAP trending on Twitter when Gujarat has done all these things before AAP.
·     Water: Unlike other states of India (except probably Rajasthan), Gujarat is a drought-prone state - 70% of its fresh water resources are located in 30% of its area. In 2012, the state received only 72% of the average annual rainfall (some areas like Saurashtra received only 56%). Despite all this, Gujarat is now a water-surplus state. The Government created a water supply grid, which now supplies 1340 million litres of water to Saurashtra and Kutch. The annual use of water tankers has reduced from 5000 to 500. According to the Central government norms, each village should get 50 litres per capita per day (LPCD) of water, while each city should get 140 LPCD. For Gujarat, these figures are 100 LPCD and 150 LPCD respectively. 76% of the houses have tap-water connections (All-India average: 34%). The river inter-linking idea of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is being implemented in Gujarat.
·     Electricity: AAP had promised that it would fight corruption in the discoms to reduce electricity prices, but it reduced the tariffs through subsidy. In stark contrast, Modi scrapped the 25% relief offered to domestic consumers. Only the BPL families are granted relief from the tarriff hikes, unlike Kejriwal’s freebies which are available even to the upper class. Plus, the farmers are offered subsidy in a bid to increase the agricultural output. Apart from the massive solar power infrastructure and the new Wind Energy Policy, Modi cleared the Mithivirdi nuclear power plant despite protests from ‘activists’ who do not understand that nuclear energy is clean and the new-generation reactors are safe. Kejriwal and Bhushan on the other hand have joined the misguided leftists to oppose the Kudankulam plant.
·     Aam Aadmi: Kejriwal was born in an elite family (his father is an engineering graduate from BITS Pilani - a big thing in the 1960s). Modi is the son of a chaiwala, and himself sold tea on railway platforms in his childhood. He doesn’t talk about his Sudra caste, though it is the fastest way to attract a large number of OBC votes. He follows a simple lifestyle. But media has managed to project him as a person obsessed with extravagant lifestyle by focusing on his hobby of collecting designer fountain pens or his elaborate security (which he needs given that he is #1 on the list of terrorists).
Of course, there are other well-known points such per capita income increase (Rs.19,823 in 2001 to Rs.75,115 in 2011), revenue deficit in 2001 to revenue surplus now, One Day Governance (covers 173 public services), 108 Emergency services, BRTS, reduction in school dropout rate (just 2% now) etc. But our great media focuses only on the negatives. A good example - Gujarat was among the most malnourished states in India before Modi - the malnutrition rate dropped from 70.69% to 38.77% - the fastest and the largest imrpovement in entire India. How did our media report this achievement? They didn’t. Instead we had these headlines:
·    When will Modi address malnutrition in Gujarat?
·    ‘Gujarat malnutrition rate worse than Somalia’
·    Every third child in Gujarat is underweight, says CAG
At the time of Gujarat elections, the main issue discussed on TV channels was “Have Muslims forgiven Modi yet?” The media did not focus on Gujarat’s 2012 manifesto, which includes highly discussable points such as
·    teaching of foreign languages (Chinese and Japanese) in schools
·    ultra-low-cost generic drugs and diagnostic services and health cards for farming animals
·    50 lakh low-cost pucca houses in next 5 years including 7.5 lakh 2-room houses for slum-dwellers costing Rs. 50,000 each (so far 22 lakh low-cost houses have been built since 2002)
·      filling of Saurashstra dams with excess Narmada water (SAUNI yojana),
·      further replacement of gas cylinders with piped cooking gas (Gujarat already provides piped cooking gas to 350 villages and some cities, which saves Rs.600 crore of subsidy money)
·       Rooftop solar power scheme
·       Action plan for climate change
·       Focus on making Gandhi Nagar a solar-energy driven city and a carbon neutral city.
·       Wifi facilities at public places
·       New portal for job placements to help young people find a job
·       Promotion of marine biotechnology especially seaweed cultivation
The media doesn’t want to talk about positive points and ideas in Modi’s words - instead they are hell bent on cherry-picking to paint Modi’s image as someone who does nothing except making personal attacks against the Gandhi family.

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Kejriwal Jokes (Height of Honesty)


Is AAP 'planted' to destabilize the democracy and bring anarchy!? - Thought provoking article by former RAW officer

by Col. RSN Singh.
Col. RSN Singh is a former Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) Officer and author of five books including Asian Strategy & Military Perspective, The Military Factor in Pakistan and The Unmaking of Nepal.
The political churnings of this era raise some important security sector questions. Today we have one of India's foremost security experts, Col RSN Singh, take a closer look at the emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party and the potential implications for national security.
Internal security and external security is solely predicated on the politics and the prevailing political chemistry of a country. Without security there can be no stability and consequently no development. The security discourse and foreign policy posturing of a country is therefore intrinsic to the politics and cannot be seen through different prisms.
At any point in history, wars have yielded either new political discourse or new dispensations. Arguably, but for the World War-II, India's independence from the British Rule could have been deferred by a period, which is open to conjecture. The Congress party's nearly unchallenged status in the country began to attenuate after the results of the 1962 war. Conversely, Indira Gandhi's political fortunes not only revived but soared after the 1971 war.

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Disturbing patterns of links of Ford Foundation (CIA operatives) with AAP operatives


From: Mohan R. 
Lot of tweets and buzz doing round about growing presence of Ford Foundation in India and Indian politics. Felt like doing some research on this. Trust me results have been shocking. It really raises questions – IS INIDA SAFE?
What is Ford Foundation?
Always thought that Ford Foundation was a philanthropic organization involved in charity, until I came across few of these links.
Then I realized that in the garb of charity, their mandate is to ensure WASHINGTON’S HEGEMONY (DOMINANCE) in international market.
It was established as a front of US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The modus operandi is to fund people / professions that can influence decision making and policy making – authors, historians, journalists, social activists, media companies, publishers, etc.
Digging further on this, I got even more worried, when I saw their increasing interest and presence in Indian politics.
Here is the list of Indians/ NGOs who have been funded by or have proximity to Ford Foundation
·         Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia’s NGO – Kabeer
·         Mallika Sarabhai’s Darpana
·         Yogendra Yadav was funded by ICSSR of Jawaharlal Nehru University, which in turn was funded by Ford Foundation
·         Amartya Sen for its books – Ideas of Justice
·         Teesta Setalvad and Javed’s Sabrang Communication, one who has been fighting against Modi all these years
And you would know, most of these guys are part of Aam Aadmi Party or are major supporters of AAP.
This poses a very serious question on why is Ford Foundation interested in Indian Politics.
Just to do further research on members of Aam Aadmi Party, I tried to find some details on other members like Aruna Roy, Medha Patkar, Prashant Bhushan and Gopal Rai…
And this was even a bigger SHOCKER to me…
Aruna Roy is the one who had sent a petition to President PRANAB MUKHERJEE for mercy towards Ajmal Kasab.. the one who killed so many innocents in Mumbai terror attack on 26th November 2008. She was also part of Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council
Here are some links pertaining to the same
Prashant Bhushan, who we all know for the rubbish referendum view on Kashmir, was also the preferred mediator of the Maoists a couple of years back. Now why would they want Prashant Bhushan?? Did they trust that Prashant Bhushan would show some soft corner towards them?
Here are the links pertaining to the same
Medha Patkar – we all know her for being responsible for delay in Sardar Sarovar Dam. But something that I didn’t know earlier, I came to know when I read the link given below. It says that tribals in Chattisgarh had thrown her out of the village of Dantewada for herpro-naxal behavior.
There were some other articles, which suggested her proximity to Angana Chatterjee (who was suspected to be an ISI agent). But didn’t know the authenticity of the article, hence not attaching it.
Gopal Rai – Ex member of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC. Was president of All India Students Association (associated with CPI (M-L)), which is known for its pro Maoist stance..
If all this was not enough, One more article that I came across and that raised doubts on CIA’s interest in India is the one in Economic Times, that suggested that Government was giving work for Aadhar to a startup – MongoDB, which is funded by CIA’s venture fund. Links to the same are given below.
This really is giving me a sleepless nights. Just wondering, if we have so many anti nationals within the country, do we really see Pakistan and China as a bigger threat?
But then was wondering, why is media not exposing all this? But then somewhere the answer is in front of us – Manish Sisodia (ex journalist with Zee), Yogendra Yadav (ex Journalist CNN IBN), Shazia Ilmi (ex journalist) and the latest entrant Ashutosh (ex Managing Editor IBN7)…   Are they not a party to it?
Also wondered why people like Meera Sanyal (ex chief RBS) and V Bala (ex Director Infosys) joining AAP. Then came to know that Meera Sanyal’s NGO Pradan (which operates in Naxal hit belt) is funded by Ford Foundation. Also, Narayan Murthy (Chairman of Infosys) is on the board of Ford Foundation. Probably there could be his compulsion to align with them given that 60% of Infosys'business comes from US.
We all believe corruption is an issue, but nothing can be bigger that National Security.
We all want corruption free India and Aam Admi Party raised some hopes. But these news articles, really make me worried that by extending our support to AAP, are we compromising on NATIONAL SECURITY?
If people who can compromise on national security for personal gains, will they ever give you corruption free governance?
Like Ford Foundation, is AAP only a front face of some bigger conspiracy?
This time, I was thinking of seriously giving a chance to AAP… but not ANYMORE…

As a TRUE INDIAN, if this is worrying you as well, do forward it to spread awareness. Main Stream Media will not do that job.

My vote is not for AAP - article by Tavleen Singh

My vote is not for AAP

Twitter: @tavleen_singh
January 12, 2014 06:32

The bubble of euphoria that is making a disturbingly large number of Indians see the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in soft focus needs to be pierced before it is too late. And, as someone who has been wary of Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare and friends from day one, I consider it my duty to perform this task. It will make me less popular than I already am with Leftists, secularists, Stalinists, Leninists et al, but I did not become a political columnist to win a popularity contest. So the venom they spew worries me not one bit. The truth is I worry much more when they agree with something I say, and it is partly because of their unstinting support for AAP that I feel the need to start ringing alarm bells.

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The Most Important Sentence in the Prime Minister's Press Conference 04 Jan, 2014

This article is written by Arun Jaitley. Link to the original article is here.

                 The Prime Minister’s interaction  with the media on 3rd January,2014, gave rise to several controversies. His announcement that he was unavailable for leadership after the General Elections, his endorsement of Rahul Gandhi, his criticism of Narendra Modi, his admission of failure in tackling corruption and inflation were amongst the issues which  caught popular attention.  We on behalf of the BJP reacted on some of the issues.
                 The Kashmir comment in the Press Conference  got missed out amidst these controversies.  A media person asked the Prime Minister  a question  on his  Pakistan initiatives.  The Prime Minister revealed for the first time that secret envoys from India and Pakistan had almost arrived at a meeting to resolve the conflict on Kashmir. When  a break through appeared ‘in sight ‘,  General Pervez Musharraf had to make way for other leaders  and the agreement got blocked.  A few years ago when President Musharraf  was living in exile in London he had given a similar indication .
                 What was this possible resolution on Kashmir ?  The people of India  are entitled to know an answer to this question.   
                 The stated position of India has been very clear.  Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of India.  In 1994 the Indian Parliament had passed a unanimous resolution asserting  that POK  was an integral part of India’s territory.  India firmly believes  that no third party intervention in Kashmir is permissible.  Pakistan has an unfinished agenda on Kashmir.  It has not reconciled to Kashmir being integral to India’s sovereignty. It has used warfare and terrorism  to achieve this end. India firmly believes that the age and era  of re-drawing boundaries is over.  India’s negotiating space on territory in the context of Kashmir resolution is negligible. 
                 I have always believed that the Nehruvian vision of giving a separate status to Jammu & Kashmir  was a flawed one.  The journey of the past 67 years has been  from separate status towards separatism.  The Congress stands for separate status, the National Conference advocates pre-1953 status, the PDP talks of self-rule, the separatists  talk of ‘Azadi’.  Each one of these  is intended to dilute India’s sovereignty.  Their intention is to weaken the constitutional and political link between Jammu & Kashmir and the rest of the country.   It is in this context that one needs to know the details of what this ‘almost arrived at’ agreed resolution between Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government and Pakistan was.  Pakistan had been advocating  an interim resolution  on Kashmir which comprised of several unacceptable  measures.  These included maintenance of territorial  status quo, demilitarization in Kashmir, dilution of the Line of Control for allowing  free movement of people and goods, a tripartite joint mechanism to take decisions  about Jammu & Kashmir for a specified period pending which a final  solution would be found.  Some Pakistani observers and Kashmiri groups  also spoke about the currency  of the two countries to be a valid tender  in Jammu & Kashmir.  I do not know if any or all of these  were a subject matter of the ‘almost arrived at’ resolution  to the Kashmir problem.  I hope the truth is otherwise.  I further hope that I do not have to wait for the memoirs of the Prime Minister to know the truth. 
                 Track Two diplomacy is not an unknown phenomenon.  It is an accepted instrument world over.  But Track Two diplomacy cannot be at complete variance with the stated national position. At best it can be marginally ahead of the  national thinking.   If the above stated points that the Pakistanis have been frequently mentioning i.e a  dilution  of the LOC and a tripartite  arrangement were part of this ‘breakthrough’ , it would be a defacto acceptance of Jammu & Kashmir being a disputed territory.  It is with great difficulty that Indian diplomacy has achieved a non-internationalization of the Kashmir issue and an internationalization of  cross-border terrorism.  By even suggesting such a resolution,  we could squander all gains.  De-militarisation of the valley without dismantling the terror infrastructure by Pakistan would be disastrous.  I hope the Government was not working in this direction.
                 Since the Prime Minister for the first time informed the nation  that a resolution on Kashmir was almost agreed to, it is eminently desirable that he  takes the nation into confidence  of what the specifics he had in mind about the  failed solution.  Even for history  to make assessment of Prime Minister’s tenure, these details would be of immense help.

AAP: Lies and U-Turns

Kiran's Thoughts.. As Is: AAP: Lies and U-Turns:

AAP is the latest novelty factor in India. TV Media is going 24*7 abuzz with how cool the bunch of activists turned politicians are. Print media is writing laurels for "aam aadmi" finally governing Dilli. Media "pundits" are going ga-ga as to how Arvind Kejriwal's phenomenon will be changing India's political landscape, dislodging the established players like Narendra Modi. And social media's AAP fans are all out to prove how great is this new find for India.

And then I asked after one week of Aam Aadmi Party's government in Dilli, to list out some of their lies, and outright u-turns. Within 2 hours, I got enough material to write this blog. These were tweeted mostly with #AAPLies hash tag on Twitter. Since they are coming in large number, you can check out the tweets with that tag, for the latest info.

All the material provided here are courtesy my Twitter friends. If any item has untruth or half truth in it, please post a comment with the correction. I will review it.

Here we go.. listing the top 10 sections of lies and u-turns.

Section 1: Master lists

Tweep @bechaara openly challenges folks to counter him, after listing some #AAPlies.
‏@SaffronZeppelin shares a very interesting video.

Arvind Kejriwal's famous lies get exposed, amongst others:
"I will never fight elections in my life" 
"I don't want to hold any post in my life"  

Then @shaksingh shares an elaborate list of 15 #AAPlies.

He's quite well versed with these topics, so feel free to challenge him for links, if you feel any of these are incorrect.

Then @ArinKamath shared 5 key u-turns of AAP, proving that they are not necessarily AAM. The most damning one is the #AAPCON government they formed with Congress support.

Section 2: AAP Taking Corrupt Congress Support

‏@RPrasad_7 asked: Why AAP is cheating people that BJP has offered them support? Only Congress offered support, not BJP particularly, when you focus on Congress giving unconditional support to form the government.

Another friend shared a video of Arvind Kejriwal & Yogendra Yadav being caught red-handed by Subramanin Swamy. Hilarious.. watch it.

Then @Purple_Truth shares the real truth of AAP & Congress relationship, poupularly known on the social media as #AAPCON government.

@SachsR also shared a similar #AAPCON drawing, this time from the funny Amul Baby.
"Hand in hand, Aam in Arm?"

Section 3: AAM Hesitating On Sheila Dikshit Corruption Cases

‏@nationalizer shared the most damning thing about how AAP has connived to save Sheila Dikshit's Congress corruption.

AAP had a page on its website called "Pol Khol" meaning expose them.

At the time of writing this blog, the page was missing. Hence producing the archivethat @nationalizer provided.

Why would AAP remove this critical page from their website?

@niranjanprabhu shared a video where Kejriwal is exposed on his flip flop on Sheila.

Another similar expose shared by @chotivalebaba on Dr. Harsha Vardhan's charges and Kejriwal making a disgusting u-turn.

@dreamthatworks asked.. AAP said Congress corruption will be probed in 7 days and it is alraedy the 8th day, nothing happened. Why "Mr. Clean"?

@LostProphet77 asked the same. "Sheila Dikshit would be in jail within 7 days of AAP forming Delhi Govt". What happened?

Section 4: "Free" Water

@IamSrivatsanV saved an AAP Busting detail about water.

@gk125 asked - Is AAP Delhi water formula full of leaks?

"The people of Delhi may be in for a rude shock, following the new water pricing formula of AAP. They may have to shell-out 2-3 times more. Where meters are faulty, cost will be even higher"

Read the analysis:

@IamSrivatsanV shared the Kejriwal's waterfront by Surjit S Bhalla, which talks about Reverse Robinhood episode where poor will pay for rich people's water consumption.

"Aap Ki Amir Party" Indian Express writes..

Read analysis here:

@ArinKamat shared the so called terms and conditions which make the application of this free water stuff difficult.

Of course, by now, most AAP supporters will be trying to find some material against BJP, instead of trying to defend the drama of AAP.

Section 5: Electricity

@IamSrivatsanV shared a comparison with older tariff. Unless you are very carefully watching the electrical meter, even one unit above 400 units can make you pay more. So this is not truly a power tariff cut that aam aadmi would understand or monitor closely.

Section 6: Rakhi Birla's car being "attacked"

@PawanDande claims, Rakhi Birla planted story of attack on car, while it was hit by cricket ball, even boy apologized, still nautanki & FIR

@TrustBJP shared a video explaining this more:

Why this drama Rakhi ji? First day shared auto, then sleeping in assembly, then getting Innova car, then no security claim, then this drama for personal car...

Section 7: AAP's Anjali Damania, known as "land shark" on social media. 

‏@ArinKamath shared the details from Kejriwal's Headlines Today show in March 2013 and what was actually on AAP website (contradiction).

‏@gk125 shared the same video where Kejriwal lied about Anjali Damania. In fact the person who asked the question, tweeted to me on the same!

" She is a volunteer" drama exposed. 

Now the same "volunteer" Anjali, who is accused of being a land shark, against whom Kejriwal refused any probe internally, is Nagpur AAP's candidate in Maharashtra. If Anjali had some self respect, she would not be contesting from the party which disowned her on national TV!

Section 8:  Election Commission Clean Chit

@rameshnswamy shared the truth that EC never giving any clean chit, as claimed by AAP after getting exposed with that Sting operation against Shzia Ilmi, Kumar Vishwas and a few more.


According to Election Commissioner HS Brahma the commission has not verified the veracity of the tape. He also added that unless the AAP challenges it legally, no clean chit can be given to it. The party had earlier claimed that the EC had given a clean chit to the party and declared that the sting operation CD was doctored.

Section 9:  Where is JanLokpal?

@ArinKamath asks, where is Jan Lokpal? This was asked on 31st December, but we can understand the delay in forming the government. At least by 6th January some movement should have happened? That too after using Anna Hazare's name in spite of him clearly saying don't use?

Section 10: No Government Car

Coming to Arvind Kejriwal's famous tweet about "we never ever" part of government transport.

@masala_chaas busts that lie too quickly.
In Apr 2013: See the conditions in this video, put by AAP for giving tickets.

And  now in Jan 2014, giving gas guzzling Rs. 15 to 18 lakh (upper range) costing, foreign brand lavish cars to AAP ministers.

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party Ministers of Delhi, except Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, were today given Toyota Innova cars as official perks.

A number of ministers, including Manish Sisodia, Rakhi Birla and Saurabh Bhardwaj, came to Delhi Assembly complex in official cars.

Asked if coming by such cars was reflective of practising austerity, Kejriwal downplayed it saying the party never said it's ministers will not use official cars.

How convenient!
I have 100s of other tweets and information shared by online friends. But this is enough for now..

Can we really trust such political chameleons?