Wednesday, February 06, 2013

High resolution photo of Mount Everest (3.8 billion pixels)


Image shows Khumbu glacier from Pumori viewpoint near Mt. Everest. Click on the photo to view in full resolution. (Photo Credit: David Breashears)

Gujarat shows the way for greener tomorrow!

Gujarat shows the way by focusing extensively on renewable energy

Under the visionary leadership of Shri Modi, Gujarat first state in India and entire Asia to set up climate change department

Gujarat shines in creation of solar energy and wind energy


by Dr. Nirav Shah
As we move into a smarter and faster world, full of innovations and technology, we also face perils of rapidly depleting sources of energy and pernicious ramifications on the environment. The entire world has been working hard to reduce the use of conventional sources of energy and adopt cleaner and greener sources. India, with its population has a major responsibility to contribute to this antecedent by reducing its carbon footprint.
Gujarat, luckily has the benefit of Shri Narendra Modi’s foresight. One of the very few national leaders to understand the gravity of the situation, Narendra Modi has catapulted Gujarat into unchartered territory by focussing extensively on renewable sources of energy