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Wikileaks says, Narendra Modi is incorruptible!!


WikiLeaks Cables from American envoy show he wanted to woo Modi unofficially after US denied him a visa!

Narendra Modi and the BJP today made the most of the latest diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, saying these showed that the Gujarat Chief Minister was "incorruptible" — in fact, "the lone honest Indian politician".

Dated November 2, 2006, the cable sent by Michael S Owen, the Consul General in Mumbai, refers to Modi's growing potential as a national leader of his party and the need to engage with him to "directly" deliver a message on human rights.

In an appraisal of the CM, Owen adds: "Modi has successfully branded himself as a non-corrupt, effective administrator, as a facilitator of business in a state with a deep commercial culture, and as a no-nonsense, law-and-order politician who looks after the interests of the Hindu majority."

After a lecture at Pandit Deen Dayal Univerisity at Gandhinagar on Tuesday, Modi said the cable acknowledges him as "incorruptible" and refers to Gujarat as "a progressive state". "There are many non-corrupt people, but they have termed me incorruptible, which is good for the people of Gujarat. WikiLeaks shows two faces — that of the government of India and another of progressive Gujarat."

In a press release, the BJP said the US documents only assert and prove that Modi is the lone politician in India to be honest, fearless and clean. Said BJP national vice-president Purushottam Rupala and state party spokesperson I K Jadeja: "The government which has denied Modi as Modi now finds him as one with strong political willpower, an able administrator as well as the only non-corrupt, no-nonsense politician of India."

The BJP rubbed in the fact that the same US government had denied Modi a visa after the 2002 riots, and said America seemed to be "in a mood to repent".

In the cable, Owen comments on the denial of the visa, saying: "We believe that Modi's rise in the BJP seems likely. In coordination with Embassy New Delhi, we intend to continue our policy of interaction with the Chief Minister, whose B1/B2 visa we revoked in 2005. Such interaction allows us to deliver a clear message on human rights and religious freedom directly to the source. It will also shield us from accusations of opportunism from the BJP that would invariably arise if we ignored Modi now but sought a dialogue with him in the likely event that he makes it to the national stage."

While delighting in Owen's praise, Modi reacted to this part of the cable too, saying he needed "no lesson" on human rights from the US.

The CM claimed that at a meeting with Owen in 2006, he had "looked into Owen's eyes and said America should not give us advice on human rights. I am a son of India and I know what human rights violations you have done."

Hindu population in Pakistan was 30% in 1947 and now it is less than 1%!!

They can’t sport a Bindi on their foreheads. Hindu are forced to wear “half skull Muslim caps”. Hindu girls are abducted and converted against their will. Hindu girls are forced to marry Muslim boys under the protection of courts!! Hindus cannot own any property or even demand protection of their fundamental rights. They are forced to pay a Jaziya tax to Mujahideen if they want protection of their lives and dignity of their women. Abduction of Hindu women, especially unmarried girls is a common phenomenon. Rape and abduction of women has taken an unprecedented high in last few years thanks to hatred spit by various fanatic mullahs and ‘Islamic research’ organizations. The wages they get is half for that of a Muslim. Hindus are considered untouchable and cannot even wear new clothes. Cows are cut openly in Hindu temples and idols desecrated - This is the plight of Pakistani Hindus!!
In 1947 Hindu population in Pakistan was about 30% and by 1951 it dropped to 21% and today it is less than 1%!! What happened to all those Hindus? Why not a single Muslim leader in Pakistan, who boasts about his dream of “Naya Pakistan”, ignores the pains and the woes of Pakistani Hindus?

Narrating stories from his Pakistan journeys in the last ten years, shri Tarun Vijay, MP says that, in Lahore and Karachi, not even a single book on Pakistani Hindus or their pilgrim centres could be found.

Shri Nahar Singh, is providing shelter to more than 500 Pakistani Hindus. He says that, Muslims got 25% of land with 100 % reservation in the form of Pakistan. Now why do they remain silent when the Hindus are tortured in Pakistan? Why should they demand more reservation in India?

A Pakistani Hindu mother said that, her 21 year old son was taken away by Taliban and he never came back. Only the picture of her son's dead body was shown to her!! She doesn't even know how he was killed, whether he was buried, etc? The Hindus are not even permitted to do the last rites of the dead - because, the local Muslims object. They don’t have even a cremation ground in Lahore.

The secularists of India are never bothered about the Hindu pain. They never talk about Human Rights, when Hindus are the victims. Our Prime Minister loses sleep when a Muslim doctor is questioned about his involvement in terrorist activities in Australia. But, his sleep doesn’t get disturbed on hearing about the suffering of thousands of Hindus every day in Pakistan!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

RSS is working among Muslims also - Muslim Rashtriya Manch

RSS or Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh has been given an image as Muslim-haters. So, it may come as a surprise to know that RSS is working among Muslims!
RSS, has conducted several programs in Muslim majority areas of Western UP. The organisation is in direct touch with several Maulanas and other influential Muslims of Moradabad, Bareilly, Saharanpur, Mujaffarpur, Meerut and Agra.
RSS has its own Muslim wing called "Muslim Rashtriya Manch" or MRM. It is the only Muslim organisation which works with a nationalist agenda. It is an organisation of nationalist Muslims with a motive to bring them into the national mainstream. MRM is reaching out to Muslim youth for last 10 years. New generation understands today's reality and MRM has been successful in making them understand that "so-called-secular" parties have betrayed the Muslim community all these years and that  RSS does not pose any threat to them. MRM has branches in over 200 districts of India spanning over 27 states and thousands of Muslims are associated with it. Recently, MRM has organised a big gathering at Jantar Mantar in which over 10000 Muslims had gathered. It was blacked out by the mainstream media. Look at the following link to know about that news: RSS' Magic - Kashmiri Muslims call for revoking article 370, taking back PoK and CAK
Coordinator of MRM, is Mohammad Afzal. He says that, "MRM is active in Uttar Pradesh and also in other India states, and Muslim youth are joining it in large numbers". MRM was established in 2002 by Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar, who’s been with the RSS since 1959. Indresh Kumar, who graduated with highest honours from Punjab Engineering College in Mechanical Engineering, didn't take up a job and has dedicated his life in the service of the nation.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


1. In the 1987 Cricket World cup co-hosted by India, Tendulkar worked as a ball boy!!
2. Tendulkar wanted to become a fast bowler and started practicing. But in 1987 the Australian great Dennis Lillee, the former head of the MRF Pace Academy at Chennai, rejected him.
3. He has scored a century in all three of his domestic first-class debuts - Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy and Irani Cup; a very rare feat indeed!
4. A huge fan of John McEnroe, Tendulkar grew his hair and tied a band around it to imitate McEnroe.
5. Tendulkar fielded for Pakistan as a substitute during a one-day practice match against India at the Brabourne Stadium in 1988.
6. His father named him Sachin after the great musician Sachin Dev Burman.
7. Tendulkar was the first overseas-born player to represent Yorkshire. He was just 19 then.

8. Tendulkar was the first player to be given out by the third umpire when he was given run out during an ODI in South Africa.
9. Sachin Tendulkar has made appearances at 90 different venues.
10. Sachin Tendulkar went to watch the movie Roja in a disguise, but his plan failed when the glasses fell and the crowd recognized him in the cinema hall.
11. Tendulkar is the only Indian cricketer to have won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award and Padma Shri.
12. Tendulkar's record of five Test centuries before the age of 20 is a current world record.
13. Tendulkar is the only player who has 40 wkts and more than 11000 runs in Tests.

Does our ministers need permission to meet the Chief Minister of another state!?

During his visit of Gandhinagar, Kerala’s Labour & Rehabilitation Minister Shibu Baby John met Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and discussed the "Gujarat Model of Development". Mr.Modi briefed Mr.John about Gujarat’s novel Skill Development Centres and the proposed Skill Development University.
But, this has stirred up a hornet's nest in Kerala politics. The Chief Minister of Kerala Oommen Chandy on Saturday sought an explanation from the minister.
Pradesh Congress Committee president Ramesh Chennithala, Union overseas minister Vayalar Ravi and Muslim League (second biggest partner in the ruling United Democratic Front) also criticised the minister's meeting with the Gujarat chief minister.
The Opposition and his detractors within the UDF have pounced on the Labour Minister for what is widely being described as an act of indiscretion. Mr.John, who was initially upbeat about the meeting, has come out with the admission that he should not have met Mr.Modi.
KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala has said that the Congress is against the development model of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Union Minister Vayalar Ravi said that on development issues, Gujarat should follow Kerala. Minister of State for Civil Aviation K.C.Venugopal has expressed resentment at John’s meeting with Modi.
All this reaction raises few questions, which the "so-called-secular" Congress leaders must answer.
1. How can a sitting minister be questioned for meeting a Chief Minister of another state? Does our ministers need permission to meet the Chief Minister and any other Ministers from other states?
2. When Rehman Malik of Pakistan visited India, many of our senior ministers queued up to meet him. When Pak PM Asif Ali Zardari visited India, the Prime Minister of India hosted a lunch in his honour. When, these ministers don't need permission to meet a minister from other country, why do they need special permission to meet a Chief Minister from our own country?
3. Pakistan has killed many of our soldiers and its leaders openly proclaim that they are ready to wage a 1000 year war with India. Even then, the ministers from Pakistan are given red-carpet welcome and none of these "so-called-secular" Congress leaders take offence for that! Why?
4. The Kerala unit of Congress has tied up with Muslim League to rule the state. Do they consider Muslim League as a "Secular Party"?
5. Kerala ministers have met the accused in the Bangalore serial blasts case accused Madani and they don't have any objection to that! Why?
6. The Chief Minister of Kerala asks Karnataka government to take care of Madani, even after knowing that he is an accused of serious terrorist attack. None of the Congress leaders see anything wrong with that! Why?

Narendra Modi is visiting Kerala on April 24 and during this visit he will goto the Sivagiri Mutt, which is an important place for the Ezhava community of the State. This mutt is known for social service targeted towards the cause of social equality and creating a society that rises above differences of caste or creed. Modi's visit to Kerala has already been hailed by the Nair Service Society and the Shree Narayana Dharma Paripalana, who are increasingly getting disappointed with the appeasement politics of the UDF.

Is there a Hindu or Muslim train?


Is there a Hindu or Muslim train?

Mohamed Shareef, April 24, 2013
Some people of Mysore, under the influence of vested interests, have demanded a separate university for the community and that it has to be named  ‘Tippu University’. The very idea of a separate university for Muslims is not acceptable because Muslims do not have any separate identity in this country.

All Indians, whether you are a Muslim or a Christian, belong to the one and the same common identity and heritage. Foreign religions have been accepted and respected in this country because of the secular and broadminded attitude of the Hindu majority.  In one way all Indians are Hindus because Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life.  
Different cultures and ceremonies certainly add colour and vibrancy to our social fabric but the over-emphasis of the diversity is useful only from a tourist point of view. The more diversity we can boast of, the more tourists we can attract.  Apart from these utilitarian points of view, the religious sentiments of the people of any nation has to be accommodated in the broader interests of national unity and national identity.  

We do not run separate trains for Muslims and Christians because the function of a train is to transport people and not to express religious identities.  Similarly a university is a place to receive education and to conduct research and it is not a forum for expressing religious views. We do not have a separate physics teacher for Muslims because the learning of physics follows only one method of science as followed all over the world by the scientific community.  

Distinct way

It is high time that we keep our religious sentiments away from the mainstream of the civil society.  

The day-to-day affairs of life can be handled in a secular and rational way without adding a religious dimension to it. Indian Muslims have accepted a way of worship which is quite distinct from the Arabian style of Islam.

  Over the centuries, they have assimilated many indianised rituals which are practiced at holy Dargahs in Ullal, Gulbaraga and Ajmer.  People from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble even today to celebrate the ‘urs’ (death anniversary) which takes place on the 15, 16 and 17 day of Zul-Qa’dah of Muslim calendar at the famous Bande Nawaz dargah in Gulbarga every year. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather to seek blessings.

At Ullal, the dargah of Sayed Mohammed Shereful Madani, who is said to have come from Saudi Arabia some 400 years ago, thousands of people from various states visit the mosque to participate in the Urus festival which is celebrated once in every five years.

If you make a casual visit to the Dargahs of Ullal or Gulbarga, you can see that the devoutees are not all Muslims but also include a large number of Hindus and Christians as well. 

This kind of unity of worship and harmony of relationship is achieved by the Sunni practices of incorporating elements of Indianised ceremonies at the holy places of Muslims.  The Sunnis and Sufis of India have made a huge contribution to the communal harmony of the nation by promoting a system of festivals and ceremonies which are not only welcomed wholeheartedly by all sections of the society but active participation from other religious groups is also guaranteed because of the secular nature of the rituals.  

Islam is a great religion and it stands for brotherhood and love.  But many Arab Muslims have wrongly interpreted Islam and given it a reputation of terrorism and violence.  A person with a prominent Muslim name can face a lot of hassles in a European or American airport. 

Last year, Hindi film actor Shah Rukh Khan had a grueling experience in an American airport. While Ambani and others were cleared swiftly, Khan was reportedly stopped for extended questioning about his programme.  Sharukh Khan finally reached the university some three hours behind schedule.  

No Muslim was ever detained at any Indian airport because Hindus do not get frightened by Muslim names or bearded Sufi appearance. The difference between the Christian countries of the west and India is that the western people are not familiar with Muslims and their way of life and take all Muslims for terrorists. 

Indians, on the other hand, are totally familiar with all the rituals and oddities of the Islamic religion that no one even takes notice of Muslims offering namaz openly inside trains and railway stations. Indians are more civilized than westerners in the sense that the understanding and tolerance of outside religions is more thorough and well founded in our society. 

Karnataka 2008 Election statistics


Elections 2008 Results

1 BJP 110 33.86%
2 INC 80 34.76%
3 JD(S) 28 18.96%
4 IND 6 6.92%
5 BSP 0 2.74%
6 SP 0 0.93%
Total seats 224 | Majority 113

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……Because we are “Secular”!!!! - Part3

When a Muslim doctor from India was arrested in Australia Manmohan singh said "I spent sleepless nights".
Suryanarayana an Engineer from Andhra, was beheaded by the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Manmohan singh  did not utter a single word and didnot have to lose sleep - because Suryanarayana was a Hndu!
Manmohan singh had announced "The Muslims of the country have the first right over the resources of the country".
When people are being looked at as a Muslim to give priority, nobody cried/shouted that he is communal!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Alaskan mountains seen from NASA IceBridge transit flight


Alaskan mountains seen from high altitude aboard the NASA P-3B during the IceBridge transit flight from Thule to Fairbanks on March 21, 2013.

NASA's Operation IceBridge is an airborne science mission to study Earth's polar ice. For more information about IceBridge, visit: