Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who is the father of computing - Turing or Panin!?

Difference Engines: Move Over Mr. Turing
An Indian postage stamp depicting Panini
An Indian postage stamp depicting Panini
Proving the old adage that a good idea has many fathers, some scholars believe that one of the fathers of computing is Panini, an ancient Sanskrit grammarian who, according to commonly accepted estimates, lived in the fifth century B.C.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today is π day and Albert Einstein's birthday!

Today is Albert Einstein’s birthday and it is celebrated as Pi(π) Day. Today is March 14 and this is written as 3-14 in the American date format. And as any science student will know that, value of π (Pi) is 3.14. It is usually celebrated at 1:59 PM (in recognition of the six-digit approximation: 3.14159)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

World's fastest and coolest server available for FREE for 60 day-trial!

Sun recently released a new server which has already become hot. It is the Sun Fire T2000 or codenamed as NIAGARA

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yesterday in Godhra, Parliament, in Sankat Mochan Mandir of Varanasi.....tomorrow where!?

Yesterday evening, all the news channels started beaming the breaking news: Three blasts in Varanasi! Looks like it has become a routine. They attacked the Karasevaks in godhra. After that, they dared to attack the Parliament House in Delhi. They have attacked Aksharadham temple and many other temples. They didn't even spare the esteemed IISc in Bangalore. Now, they have attacked the Sankat Mochan temple in varanasi. Laloo might order another commision to prove that, this was another he did for the Godhra episode! This is our secularism. If a muslim commits mistake, then it is just an accident. If a hindu does the same thing, then all hell will break loose and it will become a historical blunder and here is the communal manifestation and hindus will be preached about ethos of tolerance! This will go on till the breeds of Laloo, Paswan, V.P.Singh, Mulayam Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Arjun Singh, et al, exist in this country. Criminals like Qutrochci, Dawood Ibrahim, Masood, etc can do all the crimes and walk away without any problem and see the fun afterwards. And Swami Jayendra Saraswati, Praveen Bhai Togadia, Ashok Singha, Lal Krishna Advani, Pramod Mutalik, Uma Bharati, etc will keep on attending courts, for the fights they took out for the sake of Hindus!! This is our Bharat.......sorry....This is our India!! Now, the underworld and the betting syndicates can start betting on which is the next target of these criminals and secularists!? Can it be Mathura, Puri Jagannath, Supreme Court, Kaiga, Bakra Nangal, KRS!?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Respect other's opinion - it also can be true!

You think it is a frog and I think it is a horse! Please do listen to me and just try this: Rotate the picture anti-clockwise or Rotate your head and look from the left side of the photo. You will know what I am trying to tell!