Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunrise view from Kukkarahalli Lake, Mysore

Running barefooted, tribal youth of Vanavasi Kalyan won Bangalore International Midnight Marathon


Running barefooted, tribal youth of Vanavasi Kalyan won Bangalore International Midnight Marathon

Vanavasi Kalyan team receiving award runner up award in Bangalore International Midnight Marathon
Bangalore: Running barefooted, an 8 membered team of tribal youth of Vanavasi Kalyan won Runner-Up award in reputed Bangalore International Midnight Marathon, recently held in the city.
In an event where nearly 8500 athletes participated, the Vanavasi Kalyan team stood against all odds and won this prestigious Marathon, running in barefoot, has got special congratulations by the public, organisers.
Midnight International Marathon is first of its kind in the world, was organised on December 10th by Rotary Bangalore’s I.T. Corridor unit, with a motto of ‘Run for a Child’, to create awareness about Child healthcare, nutrition and Child education.
With just a delay of 90 seconds, Vanavasi Kalyan team secured second place in the Men’s 35km section of Marathon relay. The first and third prizes were bagged by teams sponsored by reputed Software Companies TESCO and HP respectively.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A fire argues?

What is this "A Fire Argues?".....
It is just a random thought ;)

Argument is like a fire. This fire cannot be dowsed by more argument.
Argument is like a fuel for this fire.
Many times we start discussing things and quickly it turns into argument.
While discussion will have happy ending, argument can have unhappy ending.

Is your MP underpaid? - An interesting article by Pritish Nandy


I was a MP not very long ago. I loved those six years. Everyone called me sir, not because of my age but because I was a MP. And even though I never travelled anywhere by train during those years, I revelled in the fact that I could have gone anywhere I liked, on any train, first class with a bogey reserved for my family. Whenever I flew, there were always people around to pick up my baggage, not because I was travelling business class but because I was a MP. And yes, whenever I wrote to any Government officer to help someone in need, it was done. No, not because I was a journalist but because I was a MP.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Modern Indian Education System - how it was conceived!?

Thomas Babington Mecauley or Lord Mecauley is the father of Modern Indian Education System.
It is also called as English Education System.
Minutes have been written down about all the conversations that happened before adopting the English education.
The above link has the complete minutes and every detail that went in before adopting this education system.

Monday, January 31, 2011

This is a very rare picture. Actually, this is not just a picture. It is the deity of Malliyoor Temple in Kerala. I think, this is the only temple in the country where Ganesh and Krishna are in the same image!