Friday, June 24, 2016

Love makes House a Home!

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I have experienced this many times. At the time when I am dejected and everything seems to be over, a new hope rises. I call it god’s grace. 10 years back, I was purchasing a small plot of land. I had never thought that I will buy a land in such a far off place. When I had visited that place for the first time, I had commented that, how can people live in these kind of far of places. A relative who was living there had suggested that, land is available for very cheap rate. My brother wanted to purchase and I had accompanied him. But, he was not able to buy and instead I bought a land! My brother was ready to pay in cash for the purchase and we went with the money. But, the seller changed his mind in the last minute!! I didn't have that much money and I had to apply for loan. That was my first housing loan. After applying for the loan, I understood that, it is not easy to get loan. The bank was asking for so many documents. Some documents which were more than 80 year old! That place was nearly 40 KMs from my place of residence and I had to travel double the distance to get the documents. This person from bank was not giving the full list at a time. He used to ask one document per day! The seller was not ready to wait. I took money from a relative and registered the land. But, the loan had not come and I had started feeling that I will not get this loan. Now, how to return the money to relative? Shall I ask my brother to take this land and give me money!? All these thoughts had started making rounds. Finally I went to the bank and blasted that person. He had somehow come to know that, I had already registered the land. After that fight, I was sure that, he will reject the loan. But, god had different plan and the same day loan got sanctioned! All the tension vanished immediately!!

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I had similar experience when I purchased my house. I was purchasing this house for 4 times the amount I had paid from the land. I wanted to buy this house, since it was near to my kids school. This time I took help of a broker to find the house and he only helped me to get loan from a private bank. Getting loan was very easy this time. All I had to do is, just goto bank and put signature. But, I was tensed. The EMI I had to pay was almost 75% of my take home salary! How will I manage this? So, I decided to sell the land and that was a good decision. I know that, if I had kept that land, it would have fetched double or triple the amount today. But, with huge EMI, I would have defaulted and that would have been a disaster. All the trouble I had taken to purchase the land came for help now. The price of land had appreciated well and that saved my day!
I am living in this house for last 8 years. Whenever I come home with stress and tension, this home is always there for me. Whenever I feel down, this is the home that gives me hope. This is the first house that I purchased. I have gone through lot of difficulties and hence we have an attachment for this house.
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This house was built by somebody else and I had purchased it. Building your ownhouse is a completely different experience and gives lot of satisfaction. Now, we are building our own houseHouse is where the hope is. House is the place where we can get relief from all our pain, tension, etc. Over the years, we get attached to "our" house and we become one with the house. Everybody should have a house to live in and daily I pray god to make this happen.
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