Friday, July 15, 2005

Will we remember 1947 after another 50 years!?

We are in the centenary year of "Vanga Bhanga movement". "Vanga Bhanga" was a historic occation. It was the first time after 1857 Bharat stood as one and raised a revolt against the British. We had lost in 1857, but we won the battle during "Vanga Bhanga". It gave a big and important turning point to the history of freedom struggle. "Vande Mataram" occupied the centre stage and fuelled the feelings of patriots. Indian National Congress got transformed into a platform of freedom fighters! Surendra Natha Byanerjee who was leading the agitation in Bengal had this to say about it: "What we could not achieve in several years of agitation was achieved just within 3 months of 'Vande Mataram' agitation". Also, swadeshi got a boost and burning foreign cloths/goods became a fashion. Britishers had to ban singing of "Vande Mataram"! Youths filled jails shouting "Vande Mataram". Morle and Minto who visited Bharat in 1905 told that, it was wrong on the part of Lord Curzon to have partitioned Bengal. But they concluded that, it cannot be undone as "It is a settled fact". But, leaders of freedom movement didn't accept and gave a call to "Unsettle the settled fact". In 1911, the govt had to take back the ordinance and the "settled fact was thus unsettled"!! Such was the impact of this whole movement. I think it has much more importance than "Non Co-operation movement" and "Quit India Movement". But, today people have forgotten this important milestone of our freedom struggle! Most of the youth I talked to, does not know about this movement!! What a pity:-( People who have forgotten their past, how can they build a better future? I think other than Sangh nobody else is thinking about this :-( With sensored and distorted history, what else can be expected? Lord Mecauley must be jumping with joy that, what he couldn't achieve, the "Mecauley Putra's" have achieved. During this centenary year, we must take an oath, that: Whether government does it or not, whether our history books are changed or not, I am going to do whatever little I can. I will try to spread the true history to people around me. I will try to educate them. When I say this, one story is coming to my mind. Once a boy was walking on the shores of a sea. That day sea had rised and had brought many fishes ashore. At the same time, he saw a sanyasi throwing the fishes back to sea! The boy was surprised and thought he must be mad. He went near the sanyasi and told him: "Swamy, there are tens of thousands of fishes that have come to shore. And it is impossible to throw all of them back to sea. You can only throw back a few hundred fishes and it is negligible compared to what is still left! So, what you are doing is a waste of time and energy and it is not going to make any difference!" Sanyasi looked up at the boy, threw back the fish that was in his hand and told "It will make difference to this fish" and continued in his work!


Prathibimba said...

Narendra avare...

You are awesome ! I remember that you were the person who initiated me into Sangha when I was in 4th. And I was a big fan of you then for the art that you possessed - storytelling and convincing people about why we should go to the shakhe. The same with Aravind also. You can still inspire people anyday.

And super info also abt the 'Vanga Bhanga' incident!
Looking fwd to more blogs like this.


Narendra said...

Thanks Pratap.
Yes, I do remember the days when you started coming to our Chaitanya shake:-)
But, I didn't know that you liked me!!

Anyway, do keep in touch.....keep visiting my blog.
I will try to keep up to your expectation.