Tuesday, December 06, 2005

December 6 - Another aniversary of the great day

It has been 13 years since the old structure that stood in place of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya was brought down and a make shift temple was built in its place. So many ups and downs and changes in the history of Bharath since then. Hindus thought that, a grand temple will take shape once BJP government comes in the centre. The BJP govt came, ruled for 6 years and got defeated. We the people, don't know what efforts it did in the direction of temple building!? Till to date, temple is a distant dream. The RSS and VHP had very seriously taken up this issue and made many sacrifices! But BJP took the advantage and came to the centre stage of Indian politics. They utilized people like Uma Bharathi and Sadvi Ritambara to win elections. Today Uma Bharathi is expelled from the party!! The party which was started to cleanse the Indian politics has taken the same path as that of Congress. I don't see any difference between the today's BJP and Congress! Hindus should not depend on these political parties to get their work done. They have to unite behind RSS or VHP and fight for their cause. I feel pained to see that many of my hindu friends still don't understand the issue of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. They talk about secularism when Ayodhya issue comes up. The reason can be that, we read only the news magazines and believe whatever comes in that. Nobody tries to check the facts. Nobody reads history!! I asked my friend, in what way Ayodhya fight is against secularism? He said, you people destroyed the mosque which belongs to Muslims and want to build a Hindu temple in its place. So, I asked him, who is Babar? Why did he destroy the Ram temple? He was in a distant land and for what purpose he came upto Ayodhya? My friend didn't have the answer. He appreciates the fact that Babar is an invader. I also told him that, the muslims of our country are our muslims. They are not descendents of Babar. When somebody invades our country, we should not look at his religion/caste and then decide whether he is an enemy to me or not. So, even though Babar is a muslim, he is an enemy to each and every muslim in this country. He wanted to announce his victory over this country and that's the reason he destroyed the famous temple in Ayodhya. So, it was a black mark in History of Bharath. So, Ayodhya fight is not against muslims or any other caste. But, the politics made it more confusing and our media was always there to add more confusion. All of them made it out that, it is against muslims (thinking that they will get bulk votes of muslims)!! Hope a beautiful Ram Mandir will be built soon. And that muslims understand that they are the children of this soil only and not descendents of Babar.

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Kishan said...

Yes!I too agree that BJP misused the Ideology to come to power!