Saturday, March 11, 2006

World's fastest and coolest server available for FREE for 60 day-trial!

Sun recently released a new server which has already become hot. It is the Sun Fire T2000 or codenamed as NIAGARA
. It has not hot, just because it is new. It is hot because, it is bundled with one of the latest technolgy called "Cool Threads". It is hot because, it is the "most innovative server of the year"! It has earned lot of kudos the world over! Sun Fire CoolThreads Server offers: => Extreme Performance ...5x performance/watt => Extreme Performance ...5x performance/watt => Extreme Efficiency ...1/5 energy; 5x speed You must use it to believe these words......yes, you must use it. And Sun Microsystems is giving it for FREE to try yourself! You can try it for 60 days. Don't worry about the delivery and shipping. Sun will take care of all those. And it is FREE in the real sense. For trying (absolutely FREE) the true multi-core, multi-threaded server, optimized for Java performance, for developing your Java applications, which is guaranteed to thrill you with it's super-fast speed and super-low energy consumption, click on the following image (link): And techies, you have one more reason to smile. You can participate in project-contests and win lot of prizes. Go here for that: Top 5 Reasons to Try a Sun Fire Server with CoolThreads Technology free for 60-days: 1) Double (or triple) computing capacity and handle up to 6x the concurrent users. 2) Consolidate and eliminate 90% of the existing servers in your data center. 3) Increase crypto security performance up to 10x. 4) Save millions on data center energy and real-estate costs. 5) Improve efficiency of your web, application, and database server - up to 11.5x. And environmentalists, did you hear this......!? ..... Good for the planet, great for your bottom line.:-))

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