Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is Infosys in the reach for ordinary people also?

Today I was searching for good news items in the Internet. Those news items, that don't come in main stream media, but, very important, are the target of my search. One such news item caught me and I am really happy to know that, even today that is possible. The headline said: Pani puri funds Infosys dreams
This is about a common man or you can say, a person from downtrodden soceity. He is from a Slum in Vishakapatnam and got married to a distant relative. And she wanted to become a software enginee and she had only completed her SSLC! More than that, this person was an ordinary Pani Puri vendor making a maximum of Rs.150 per day. At the outset, it looks as if it is impossible for this lady to become a software engineer and she can only day dream. I think, for many such people dreams end as dreams and elders will chide them for such un-doable dreams! But, this person was determined and started saving. And put her into college and she also studied very well, got very high marks, joined engineering, got very good marks there also and got selected in campus interview in Infosys! This looks as if, the story is straight out of a bollywood movie. Yes, it is hard to believe, but true.

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