Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why UPA is not interested in bringing back the "Black Money" deposited in Swiss bank?

All over the world, governments have been trying to get back the black money stashed away in tax havens. The leader of opposition L.K.Advani had written a letter to government of India in April 2008 itself, asking it to take measures to bring back our money.
He again sent a reminder to Dr.Manmohan Singh to raise the issue during G20 summit. This was one of the main issues discussed during G20. But, Dr.Manmohan Singh kept mum. The Congress spokesperson is also arguing against getting the money and trying to divert the discussion to other unimportant issues. All this is raising serious doubts. There is an official project going on "Global Financial Integrity" and that can be accessed at: http://www.gfip.org. They have come out with a report about the amount of money deposited by different governments and have given a chart on how the money deposit is raising every year. This report can be accessed at: http://www.gfip.org/storage/gfip/economist%20-%20final%20version%201-2-09.pdf Here is an article by noted economist S.Gurumurthy that appeared in "New Indian Express" under the title "Unquestioned Loot".

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