Thursday, May 17, 2012

Till today medical science is not able to explain this strange phenomenon related to child births!!!!

Kodinhi is a small village in Kerala. It has around 2000 families. You can find more information about this village hereIt is like any other village in this surrounding, except for one thing. Keep walking in the village and you will start seeing similar faces. Yes, they are identical twins.

The surprising thing is, this village has nearly 250 twins (this is the number of births registered at the village panchayat. The actual number could be much higher)!!
Every year the number of twins born are going up - in 10 years the number has doubled!!
The global average is 4 twins for 1000 births. In this village it is many times more than the global average!
Another surprising fact is, brides who are not originally from Kodinji are giving birth to twins after they move to the village!

Doctors and scientists have been studying this interesting phenomenon. Till today, they don't have any scientific explanation for this!

The National Geographic is planning an hour-long documentary with a working title 'Twin Town.' Paul Nelson, producer-director of the documentary, says it will be a genuine attempt to get to the bottom of the matter.

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