Friday, August 24, 2012

Destruction of statue of Buddha is "Secularism"!! Jai Secularism!!!! Infused Living: Home Accents, Jewelry, Accessories from around the world!
Recently when some Hindoo youths attacked few youths in a homestay in Mangalore, all hell broke loose. The "secularists" were outraged and attacked this "attack" in all platforms - newspapers, television, blogs, interviews, discussions, facebook, twitter....!! And they didn't forget to condemn the "Hindoo Fundamentalism" and "communalism".

Look at the following picture, which clearly shows that Muslims are attacking a Buddha statue. Now, where are our "Secularists"!? Or may be they want this to continue......because what these Muslim youths are doing is nothing but "Secularism"!!

Or whatever Hindoo's does is communal and whatever a Muslim does is "Secular"!!

Jai Secularism!!!!


k.a.shah said...

Hi you have not mentioned where this has happened. What I feel that this must be OUTSIDE OF INDIA (may be Pak or Afgan). Because Buddhists are as strong as Muslims in India as both are considered to be VOTE BANKS for Political parties.

Narendra Kumar S.S said...

Dear Shah,

This is in incident that has happened in Lucknow and was supposed to published in a newspaper also.

You can see the original post here:

Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

sunaath said...

Well, Lucknow, Bengaluru all these cities are in Pakistan, you know!

Narendra Kumar S.S said...

Look at how Muslim protesters burnt Buddhist temple in Cox Bazar of Bangladesh!