Wednesday, September 05, 2012

……Because we are “Secular”!!!! - Part2

An instance of Indian secularism is the 1978 directive to NCERT which instructs it to erase all medieval history which paints a picture of clash between native Hindus and invading Muslims of that era!

We have chapters spanning many pages for Akbar to Aurangzeb. But, Shivaji and Maharana Pratap are squeezed into a paragraph each in our history text books!!

Aryan Invasion Theory is proved to be a myth. Still it is taught in Indian schools. Dr||S.R.Rao of “Marine Archaeology Unit” of the “National Institute of Oceanography of India” has done extensive under-sea excavations and research to find the submerged Dwaraka city. This has proved that Mahabharata is not a myth, but a true history of Bharat. But, our history text books do not cover the Mahabharata.

Here are links to information related to finding of Dwaraka:

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