Thursday, May 02, 2013

How can you tolerate this!!!!?

Butchering of cows inside a mosque! Observe that even small children are watching this!! Imagine what will be the effect of watching all this cruelty and bloodshed on the young minds (that is Muslim children) and how can we expect any child that watches this to be a non-violent, tolerant person when grown up!?


a rahim said...

animals are created for human beings.

Narendra Kumar S.S said...

A Rahim,

Thanks for visiting the blog and sharing your thoughts.

Animals are also created by the same almighty god. Every religion preaches that god is the creator and hence the father of every living being.
So, how can a father tell that one of his child is born to be killed?

And remember that, even man is an animal.

But, even after looking at the cruel way of killing those innocent/dumb animals, you are supporting the cruelty - I am really surprised to know that an educated person justifies the cruelty and doesn't feel sorry for the poor animal!!

Are we getting evolved as better human beings by being one with the nature or are we becoming more brutal animals?

Sastry said...

Hi Narendra:
I agree with you and your questions to Rahim. However, you are assuming that he is educated person when asking " I am really surprised to know that an educated person justifies the cruelty and doesn't feel sorry for the poor animal!!"!!!

Narendra Kumar S.S said...

Hello Sastry,

Since Rahim is visiting the Internet, reading the blogs and adding his comments, I assumed that he is educated. Hoping that he will clarify.

Thanks for visiting my blog and giving your feedback. Keep coming.


Sastry said...

I agree. What I meant by saying that " are assuming that he is educated person ..." is that he is an educated illiterate and insensitive and his comments do not reflect any level of education he would have had!!!

Ashok Kumar T said...

Hi Narendra,
I almost cried watching this video. During the time of independence, India had ~30 slaughter houses (official). Today there are 30000+ (official) and unofficial not known.
During independence, human:cow ratio was 100:60. Today it is 100:1.
During UPA, in order to keep export business high, there is increased cow slaughter permitted. India has beaten China in beef export. India is number one in beef export business. God save us.

Narendra Kumar S.S said...

Mahatma Gandhi had told that, after getting independence, the first things that the Indian government has to do is, to ban cow slaughter and ban liquor.
But the Congress never tried to ban these. Instead, our new Chief Minister of Karnataka wants to give liquor at cheap rates! Similarly the cow slaughter bill passed by previous BJP government is withdrawn by the new Congress government. They want the name of Gandhi to win votes, but not his ideals!
Congress is a curse on this country. We got liberated from Biritish in 1947. We will get liberated from Congress in 2014!