Thursday, October 03, 2013

Is Dr|| Man Mohan Singh on the hitlist of Congress!?

In a recent article, M.J.Akbar writes:

"......what is doing fatal damage to Congress is the total disarray within the establishment. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is being humiliated time and again, not by Opposition but by his own Congress party. The confusion and somersault over the convicted politicians' ordinance, is only one, albeit startling, instance....."

"Rahul Gandhi dismissed the ordinance as complete nonsense.........sounding more like a playground retort than a dispute over high policy. ......., if that is the Congress view, then Manmohan Singh, along with his Cabinet, should resign immediately. Such warfare between a ruling party and its Prime Minister is unprecedented. Rahul Gandhi walked away from a Cabinet decision not when it was made, but when the popular mood turned hostile"

"It is embarrassing to watch the last shards of credibility crumble around a Prime Minister who has been in office for nearly a decade. If Narendra Modi is on top of the Congress hit list, then it seems that Prime Minister Singh is second"

"To take punishment from the Opposition is part of the give and take of democratic politics, but to accept such dismissive barbs from one's own colleagues.....................Dr Singh feels that he should not rock the boat......., but that boat is being tossed into a tornado by his own navigatorsThere is no government left. What we have instead is a desultory squabble in which no minister can be sure of where he stands, or where he should stand, on any issue"

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Satish Venkatesh said...

Narendra, Your posts are really very informative. I keep visiting often.

I was following the TELANGANA issue. Just on contrary there were no issues when Chattisgad, Jarkhand & Uttaranchal were formed. Could you please give some insight into this?