Thursday, April 25, 2013

RSS is working among Muslims also - Muslim Rashtriya Manch

RSS or Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh has been given an image as Muslim-haters. So, it may come as a surprise to know that RSS is working among Muslims!
RSS, has conducted several programs in Muslim majority areas of Western UP. The organisation is in direct touch with several Maulanas and other influential Muslims of Moradabad, Bareilly, Saharanpur, Mujaffarpur, Meerut and Agra.
RSS has its own Muslim wing called "Muslim Rashtriya Manch" or MRM. It is the only Muslim organisation which works with a nationalist agenda. It is an organisation of nationalist Muslims with a motive to bring them into the national mainstream. MRM is reaching out to Muslim youth for last 10 years. New generation understands today's reality and MRM has been successful in making them understand that "so-called-secular" parties have betrayed the Muslim community all these years and that  RSS does not pose any threat to them. MRM has branches in over 200 districts of India spanning over 27 states and thousands of Muslims are associated with it. Recently, MRM has organised a big gathering at Jantar Mantar in which over 10000 Muslims had gathered. It was blacked out by the mainstream media. Look at the following link to know about that news: RSS' Magic - Kashmiri Muslims call for revoking article 370, taking back PoK and CAK
Coordinator of MRM, is Mohammad Afzal. He says that, "MRM is active in Uttar Pradesh and also in other India states, and Muslim youth are joining it in large numbers". MRM was established in 2002 by Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar, who’s been with the RSS since 1959. Indresh Kumar, who graduated with highest honours from Punjab Engineering College in Mechanical Engineering, didn't take up a job and has dedicated his life in the service of the nation.


Srinivasa said...

I get a bit uncomfortable with this sentence below ""so-called-secular" parties have betrayed the Muslim community all these years"... It is always been that the so-called secular parties have almost always taken the side of minorities (including Muslims) in India. They have not betrayed their community rather have tried to promote them alone & also divide the country on these lines

RSS is doing a commendable job in bringing the Muslim community towards the Nationalist (Raashtreeya) ideology which is very important for the modern India


Narendra Kumar S.S said...

Srinivasa> They have not betrayed their community rather have tried to promote them alone

Yes, it is true that these "so-called-secular" parties have promoted or appeased minorities (Muslims in particular). They are doing this to get their votes and nothing else. But, this hasn't helped the Muslim community in anyway. They have only fueled fundamentalism and nothing else. For an ordinary Muslim, how does this help? Look at the Muslim community around us. For example, look at Tilak Nagar or Shivaji Nagar or City Market - wherever Muslims are in good numbers. What is the picture that comes to your mind? Is it educated, well-to-do people or is it poor, uneducated people?
Even when our politicians are talking about giving preference to Muslims for last 60 years, why the Muslim community is still backward?
That's why I am saying that Muslim community is cheated and betrayed by all these self-serving-politicians. So, it is time for the Muslims to understand the games politicians are playing on them and also understand the inclusive nationalism of RSS.

Srinivasa said...

Thanks for this clarification Naren.
I second your point. But there are hundreds of other localities where we Hindus are the majority & the development & education state is as poor as those you mentioned! For example Kurubara-palya, Kaveri-Nagar, 9th-East Jayanagar and around 500 slums in Bengaluru alone. I dont dare to name our Villages now, which are in the same status when Education & Development is concerned

The way I look at this is our pseudo-secular policies are fundamentally wrong & dangerous and the only development we have seen since ages with this policy is Minorities getting benefited (Huj subsidy, Sharia Law, Uniform Civil Code, etc. etc...)

Its very hard to believe the fact (I call it a wrongly portrayed term) that pseudo-Secular policies of our Country has ever "betrayed" Minorities alone

Thanks for the collection of such interesting Article/facts

Narendra Kumar S.S said...

This is what the Congress has achieved in last 60 years. They played the vote bank politics and politics of appeasement to stay in power. So, when their only aim is to stay in power and enjoy power, why will they worry about development - I think they have looted more than what British did in 200 years!! Their policies have neither helped the minorities, nor the majorities. For example, reservation in education and jobs is in force for last several decades. So, how many people has it benefited? Can we tell the names of the castes that has become forward castes because of reservation?
Reservation is another appeasement tool in the hands of politicians to win votes. They used caste politics & reservation to get the votes of backward class Hindus and appeasement politics by giving haj subsidy, etc to get Muslim votes. These people were kept poor and illiterate, so that, they will not know the games of politicians and keep voting them in successive elections.

We need honest, dedicated, selfless people as our rulers. Till that time, development will be a dream. I feel that, patriotism will motivate the individual to love his country and do something for the country. Patriotic people should come into politics also, to do some difference. This will happen when every individual in the society becomes patriotic. We can get pure water from a well, only when all the water in the well is pure. Today we are expecting pure water from an impure well. Clean the water in the well and you will naturally get pure water. Same holds good for the society also.