Friday, April 26, 2013

Hindu population in Pakistan was 30% in 1947 and now it is less than 1%!!

They can’t sport a Bindi on their foreheads. Hindu are forced to wear “half skull Muslim caps”. Hindu girls are abducted and converted against their will. Hindu girls are forced to marry Muslim boys under the protection of courts!! Hindus cannot own any property or even demand protection of their fundamental rights. They are forced to pay a Jaziya tax to Mujahideen if they want protection of their lives and dignity of their women. Abduction of Hindu women, especially unmarried girls is a common phenomenon. Rape and abduction of women has taken an unprecedented high in last few years thanks to hatred spit by various fanatic mullahs and ‘Islamic research’ organizations. The wages they get is half for that of a Muslim. Hindus are considered untouchable and cannot even wear new clothes. Cows are cut openly in Hindu temples and idols desecrated - This is the plight of Pakistani Hindus!!
In 1947 Hindu population in Pakistan was about 30% and by 1951 it dropped to 21% and today it is less than 1%!! What happened to all those Hindus? Why not a single Muslim leader in Pakistan, who boasts about his dream of “Naya Pakistan”, ignores the pains and the woes of Pakistani Hindus?

Narrating stories from his Pakistan journeys in the last ten years, shri Tarun Vijay, MP says that, in Lahore and Karachi, not even a single book on Pakistani Hindus or their pilgrim centres could be found.

Shri Nahar Singh, is providing shelter to more than 500 Pakistani Hindus. He says that, Muslims got 25% of land with 100 % reservation in the form of Pakistan. Now why do they remain silent when the Hindus are tortured in Pakistan? Why should they demand more reservation in India?

A Pakistani Hindu mother said that, her 21 year old son was taken away by Taliban and he never came back. Only the picture of her son's dead body was shown to her!! She doesn't even know how he was killed, whether he was buried, etc? The Hindus are not even permitted to do the last rites of the dead - because, the local Muslims object. They don’t have even a cremation ground in Lahore.

The secularists of India are never bothered about the Hindu pain. They never talk about Human Rights, when Hindus are the victims. Our Prime Minister loses sleep when a Muslim doctor is questioned about his involvement in terrorist activities in Australia. But, his sleep doesn’t get disturbed on hearing about the suffering of thousands of Hindus every day in Pakistan!

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